[Delicious Jeju] 3 Best cafes in Hanlim-eub
[Delicious Jeju] 3 Best cafes in Hanlim-eub
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Cafe Yuzu

▶ Anthracite Hanlim


Anthracite Hanlim, Jeju was originally a starch plant decades ago. It took only three months to transform this place to a cafe. 

The tables are made of wood from the demolition of the factory, and the iron gates and rusty machines in the factory, as well as the grass growing between the machines, are being preserved.



Coffee and roasted beans such as 'Natsume Soseki', 'Air and Dream', 'William Blake', 'Butter Pet Trio' are being sold. 

Open from 9 am to 7 pm.


▶ Cereal


This place sells rustic British home style dish. Main menus are cube toast and shrimp tartine. For cube toast, caramelized bread with fruit, maply syrup, vanilla ice cream is served. Shrimp Tartineis open sandwich with salsa based yeast bread topped with spinach roasted with white pepper and cream cheese, sliced cream cheese, and grilled shrimp,



The interior is decorated with vintage props and furniture. As it sells brunch menus, it is closed for dinner.

Open daily 9:30 am ~4 pm, last order at 3:30 pm.


▶ Cafe Yuzu


Cafe Yuzu is a simple Japanese-style cafe. Yuzu is a Japanese word meaning citron. It has a unique exterior with basalt, and the interior is decorated with vintage props and yellow lights. Pets are allowed.



Main menu is apple tea, topped with fruits. Canele(French), brownie, cake, scone, dacquoise, financier, pudding, and other desserts are also available. Take-out and pre-order is available.

Open from 11 am to 5 pm and closed on Mondays.




[To Go to Jeju] 3 Best cafes in Hanlim-eub 

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