BTS 'MAP OF THE SOUL : 7' ranking top on Billboard 200
BTS 'MAP OF THE SOUL : 7' ranking top on Billboard 200
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breaking record on 'Billboard 200'
'NCT 127' chart in Billboard

[Munhwa News MHN reporter Park Hanna / translated by Roh Pooleun] BTS's 4th album 'MAP OF THE SOUL : 7' has ranked top on Billboard for five weeks.

'MAP OF THE SOUL : 7' was released on February 21 and ranked on 24th on 'Billboard 200' updated chart on March 31.

'MAP OF THE SOUL : 7' ranked 1st on Billboard 200 immediately after release, and has ranked top so far. 

'LOVE YOURSELF 結 ANSWER' which was released on August 2018 ranked 186th on the same chart.

In addition, NCT 127's 2nd album 'NCT #127 Neo Zone' ranked 102th on the same chart, ranking in for three weeks so far.

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Canadian R&B star 'The Weeknd' was the first ranking singer on all three charts : 'Billboard 200', 'Hot 100', and 'Artist 100', three major charts.

Billboard cited the Nielsen music data and revealed Weeknd's new album 'After Hours' released on March 20 had the highest sales record this year, selling 444,000 albums in the first week. BTS's 'MAP OF THE SOUL : 7' sold 422,000 albums.

Billboard calculates album sales by summing up the number of streaming records and the number of digital music downloads.

On the Billboard 200 chart this week, recently-death American country pop master Kenny Rogers' best album ranked 9th : 'The Best of Kenny Rogers: Through the Years released in 2018'.

The hit song 'The Gambler' released by Kenny Rogers in 1978 also took the top spot on the 'Digital Song Sales' chart.

BTS and NCT 127 are listed on the chart side by side in Korea. Last week, in the 'Music Bank', NCT 127 defeated BTS and took the first place. As K-pop is drawing attention from all over the world, K-pop on billboard is expected to increase.




BTS  'MAP OF THE SOUL : 7' ranking top on Billboard

200breaking record on 'Billboard 200'
'NCT 127' chart in Billboard

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