AOMG's new member, Chloe DeVita
AOMG's new member, Chloe DeVita
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.04.10 18:23
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EP album CRÈME released on 9th
Chloe DeVita Instagram

[Munhwa News MHN reporter Yoon Jahyun / translated by Roh Pooleun] AOMG's new member Chloe DeVita released her EP album CRÈME on April 9th. The title is 'EVITA!' and 'All About You'.

AOMG is Jay Park's hiphop label. AOMG has released a video on their official Youtube channel. Inside the video, AOMG members were interviewed about bringing a new member. Introduced as 'Top Vocalist', 'MINE not yours' on teaser, netizens predicted 'LEE HI' 'Jvcki Wai' as the new member. On 8th, music video teaser supposed to released on 9th revealed the new member, Chloe DeVita. 


Chloe DeVita has appeared on K-POP STAR season 3. She appeared by her real name Jo Yoon-kyung, on the age of 16. She made it to the fifth round battle audition as team 'two minute' and 'one minute'. Before releasing CRÈME, she  featured on Woo Won-jae's album 'Noise', Ugly Duck's album, and she participated in Code Kunst's 'PEOPLE' album released on April 2nd.

The track songs of CRÈME are 'Movies', 'EVITA!', 'All About You', '1974 Live', 'Show Me'.




AOMG's new member, Chloe DeVita 


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