Kang Daniel, first mini album 'CYAN' promotion ends...winning 5 awards
Kang Daniel, first mini album 'CYAN' promotion ends...winning 5 awards
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.04.15 11:00
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CYAN, and "to next step"

[Munhwa News MHN reporter Seon Soo-bin / translated by Roh Pooleun] Kang Daniel released a news album 'CYAN' on March 24, opening the 3 part series of 'COLOR' 

Kang Daniel's come back was a hot topic and his soft, sweet, and sometimes powerful voice on light melody is reminiscent of the spring breeze. As soon as release, his song topped the charts and album sales passed 200,00, which is the first among male singer this year.

Kang Daniel came back with 'CYAN', the first part of 'COLOR' series after releasing digital single 'TOUCHIN' last November.  Closing the promotion for his album, let's look back his great moments.


# Greeting "Hi, Daniel"

Kang Daniel gave notice of his come back in a traveling reality program. 'Hi, Daniel' of SBS F!L showed 25-year-old Daniel's kinfolk lifestyle(eco-friendly and healthy lifestlye) in Porkland, USA, meeting and communicating with people in the city of art.

He needed a turning point in life so he decided to be in the show despite of hard pressure and responsibility he felt. He shares his throughts and worries in the program. The episodes were broadcasted from March 4 to April 1, and commentary episode was released on 11th.


# Record breaker + Hectic 3 weeks + 5 awards

Promotion began on March 24 on Mnet 'Come Back Show' and lasted three weeks until it ended on Arirang TV 'Simply K-pop' on April 10th. Kang Deniel was on every music program and even on 'Running Man' where he showed his signature smile.

'Record breaker' Kang Daniel is breaking records again. The number of cumulative album sales of Kang Daniel is the top among solo male artists this year so far, and despite the fact that solo artists' album sales are not over group artists', he is ranked fourth among all albums released in 2020. 

He is proving his popularity globally, topping the All Album Chart in 9 regions, and K-Pop Album Chart in 12 regions until March 24th.

He won trophies in music programs. He won grand prize in SBS MTV 'THE SHOW', KBS2 'Music Bank', MBC 'Show! Music Core', MBC M 'Show Champion'. He won grand prize even in Mnet 'M Countdown' where he didn't show, winning total 5 awards, closing 'CYAN' promotion successfully.

Kang Daniel said "To next step" on his instagram after promotion end. Kang Daniel's future steps are expectative.




Kang Daniel, first mini album 'CYAN' promotion ends...winning 5 awards


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