CRAVITY shows up on "Weekly Idol', gives performance of 'Break all the Rules'
CRAVITY shows up on "Weekly Idol', gives performance of 'Break all the Rules'
  • Halim Jung
  • 2020.04.16 16:17
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[문화뉴스 MHN 권혁재 기자] New boy group CRAVITY shows up in 'Weekly Idol', their first appearance in an entertainment show. 

CRAVITY's agnecy Starship Entertainment released their statement on their experiences on 'Weekly Idol" on April 15th through their official social media accounts.

CRAVITY stated that "It was our first entertainment program and so we were really excited but really nervous as well, but Kwanghee and Kyung-hwan sunbae took really good care of us and we were able to have fun filming. We really thank them," and that "We were really happy to make people laugh through talking about ourselves, and we hope that CRAVITY will continue to provide a unique and varied experience."

Two days into their dubut at the time of broadcast, CRAVITY showed a performance of the title track 'Break all the Rules' and showcased Jungmo's sexiness and Minhee's height in the 100 second PR segment during the runtime of the show. During the segment "Crownvity" they attempted the find out who was the leader of the group, leading to laughs as they tried to determine who was the best at visuals, stage presence, casting, and even arm wrestling.

They also played games after dividing into two teams based on age, Woobin, Jungmo, and Minhee sang MeloMance's 'Gift' with their usual beautiful voices, and every member did a cover dance of MONSTA X's 'DRAMARAMA', expresing their charms as a newbie in the entertainment industry.

Their dubut album 'CRAVITY SEASON1. [HIDEOUT : REMEMBER WHO WE ARE]' received massive attention from both in Korea and outside when it dropped April 14th. After reaching top of the daily album charts in Huntercharts, their debut showcase though NaverV Live got 1 million views, and 260 million hearts. They got high into the Twitter trends, and the music video for their title track recieved 3 million views.

CRAVITY will appear in Mnet's 'Countdown' highlight broadcast on Friday 6pm for the first performance of 'Break all the Rules' on a music program.

[Image provided by: Starship Entertainment]


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