ZICO x KANGDANIEL, '2020 Global KPOP Project' concept photos revealed! "Overwhelming Korean beauty"
ZICO x KANGDANIEL, '2020 Global KPOP Project' concept photos revealed! "Overwhelming Korean beauty"
  • Halim Jung
  • 2020.04.17 17:06
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[Munhwa News MHN Kwon Hyukjae reporter / translated by Jung Halim] Rapper Zico and Kang Daniel expressed Korean visual aesthetics in Starship Entertainment's collaboration with Pepsi. Calling it the '2020 Global K-POP Project', Starship revealed on April 16th on their official social media accounts the concept photos for 'FOR THE LOVE OF 대한민국 (South Korea)' and announced the release of a new single on the coming 23th.

In the revealed concept photos we see Zico and Kang Daniel stealing our hearts once again. The Korean paintings used as a background and the two wearing matching blue suits and the Dopo over them (Hanbok overcoats for men) expresses a meeting between Eastern and Western cultures. Their charismatic eyes and overwhelming visuals warms the heart of anyone looking.

Drawing attention of music fans with flashy concept photos, the Pepsi and Starship Entertainment collaboration is inducing curiosity with the inclusion of both Zico and Kang Daniel, both currently in their prime. With Ravi and Hongbin from VIXX, Eunha from GFriend, Ong Seong Wu, and MONSTA X's Hyungwon, Soyu, Rain, and more with varying styles coming together for a collaboration last year, fans are waiting to see how Zico and Kang Daniel will herald the opening of 2020''s new project.

Pepsi Korea stated that "We respect Korea and other country's indivdual cultures," and that "We hope everyone can 'all-in' on what you all love, and we're all cheering you on with the slogan #FORTHELOVEOFIT." 

Zico founded 'KOZ ENTERTAINMENT' back in January, and with multiple producers and artists has diversified his activities. With his newest single "Any Song" getting explosive reviews, sweeping first place in all Korean music charts, proving his place on the industry once again. Kang Daniel's first solo album 'color on me' released back in July as an flamboyant start to hsi career. With his comeback into the music industry with the mini album 'CYAN' and the title track '2U', he reached a global audience, along with first place on multiple music charts. 

The new track for the Pepsi x Starship '2020 Global K-POP Project-FOR THE LOVE OF 대한민국 (South Korea)" will be revealed April 23th. 

[Images provided by: Starship Entertainment]




ZICO x KANGDANIEL, '2020 Global KPOP Project' concept photos revealed! "Overwhelming Korean beauty"

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