ZICO X Kang Daniel Collaboration 'Refresh' M/V unveiled!
ZICO X Kang Daniel Collaboration 'Refresh' M/V unveiled!
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.04.22 20:42
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Starship Entertainment

[Munhwa News MHN Kwon Hyukjae / translated by Roh Pooleun] ZICO and Kang Daniel's collaboration song 'Refresh' is unveiled.

Starship Entertainment which is going on a project '2020 Global K-POP Project' with Pepsi, unveiled music video teaser video of 'FOR THE LOVE OF 대한민국' on official SNS on April 20.

The video features ZICO and Kang Daniel with historical places of Korea appearing behind. Magnificent Hanok(Korean style house) featured stage and Korean paintings, Hangeul(Korean letter), Samulnori(traditional percussion quartet), Saja Noreum, B-boy appear as well.

ZICO and Kang Daniel wore gold-blue suit, and traditional beat on titillating melody rise curiosity on new song 'Refresh'.

'2020 Global K-POP Project' produced by Pepsi and Starship Entertainment features all-genre k-pop artists on each different concept new song. In 2019, VIXX RAVI, GFRIEND Eunha, Ong Sungwoo, VIXX Hongbin, MONSTA X Hyungwon, Rain, Soyou appeared. This year, ZICO and Kang Daniel joined the project.

Pepsi Korea sent message of support by slogan #FORTHELOVEOFFIT in the idea of respecting every culture through this project.

ZICO founded KOZ Entertainment this January, and became a sensation with 'Any song'. Kang Daniel released solo album 'color on me' last July, and topped charts with mini album 'CYAN' and title song '2U' last month.

ZICO X Kang Daniel featuring '2020 Global K-POP Project-FOR THE LOVE OF 대한민국' song 'Refresh' is released on 23rd 6 pm.




ZICO X  Kang Daniel Collaboration 'Refresh' M/V unveiled!


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