BTS Jimin's Legendary Solo Stage 'Lie' becomes the Amazon Bestseller
BTS Jimin's Legendary Solo Stage 'Lie' becomes the Amazon Bestseller
  • Roh Pooleun
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BANG BANG CON stage of 'Lie'

[Munhwa News MHN Kwon Hyukjae / translated by Roh Pooleun] Jimin's solo stage 'Lie' broadcasted on BANG BANG CON the second day is exciting worldwide fans.

BigHit Entertainment held BTS ONLINE CONCERT WEEKEND(online streaming festival) on Youtube channel 'BANGTANTV' on April 18, 19th.

It is an 'untact' event for fans when concerts are cancelled because of Coronavirus.

'BANG BANG CON' opened BTS's concert and fan-meeting scenes free for two days. After immediate release on 18th, simultaneous lon-in  passed 2.2 million and 2 million on 19th.

Jimin's solo stage of 'Lie' hit 1.96 million simultaneous log-ins, which was open on the last day '2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode 3-The Wings Tour in Seoul'.

Amazon website / Jesica Ahlberg, No Way Jose, Kim Jeeha twitter

After BANG BANG CON broadcast, Jimin's 'Lie' topped Amazon bestseller. It hit no.1 on both digital music songs and international and 'Movers and Sahkers' which only show products with rapid increase in sale. 'Lie' reentered American iTunes top song chart.

Jesica Ahlberg twitted "Nobody can reveal a shoulder like Park Jimin" and Now way Jose twitted "There goes Jimin, killin' it again".

Kim Jaeha, journalist of Chicago Tribunes twitted "Didn't RM say that Jimin is the one who's the most different in real life from how he is on stage?"

'Lie' is Jimin's solo song in 2016 2nd album. Digital audio of 'Lie' hit 99 million streaming in Spotify.

Jimin was titled as 10 keywords on twitter worldwide in over 59 nations and 86 trends, retwitted over million on first day of 'BANG BANG CON' after the stage of 'No More Dream', 'DOPE', 'Fire', 'I NEED YOU'.

Jimin rapping on 'Tony Montana' with SUGA hit worldwide 3 and trend 1 in Korea, America, England, Brazil and more.




BTS Jimin's Legendary Solo Stage 'Lie' Excites the World! Amazon Bestseller no.1


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