SEVENTEEN Wonwoo-DK-Mingyu-SeungKwan's New Pictorial!
SEVENTEEN Wonwoo-DK-Mingyu-SeungKwan's New Pictorial!
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 승인 2020.04.22 20:42
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[MHN Kwon Hyukjae / translated by Roh Pooleun] SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo, Mingyu, DK, SeungKwan's pictorial is released.

Fashion magazine 'Cosmopolitan' revealed SEVENTEEN's pictorial on May issue on April 21.

"We are family. Our synergy is good, and during free time, we get along together or work on self-improvement" said members of SEVENTEEN.

As a group producing the whole album, they said "Wonwoo and Mingyu are working on video making. I guess we are becoming more versatile" and SeungKwan said "I am interested in content-making. I give ideas about how to entertain, and I am proud people like our contents".

Having fifth anniversary on May 26, SEVENTEEN said "I hope we can make people happy. We hope our performances bring more expectation to our next stages"

May issue of 'Cosmopolitan' is released on website.




 SEVENTEEN Wonwoo-DK-Mingyu-SeungKwan's New Pictorial!

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