2020 Global K-POP Project New Music Video Teaser Unveiled! Zico x Kang Daniel 'Refresh'
2020 Global K-POP Project New Music Video Teaser Unveiled! Zico x Kang Daniel 'Refresh'
  • Halim Jung
  • 2020.04.23 15:16
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Source: Starship Entertainment
Source: Starship Entertainment

[Munhwa News MHN Kwon Hyukjae reporter / translated by Jung Halim] Rappers Zico and Kang Daniel unveils their latest collab track 'Refresh'. 

Pepsi, as part of their collaboration with Starship Entertainment with the '2020 Global K-POP project', released on April 20th a new music video teaser for 'FOR THE LOVE OF 대한민국 (South Korea)'s new track 'Refresh'. 

In the revealed video we see Zico and Kang Daniel amist backdrops oozing with the Korean aesthetic. With traditional Korean housing, Hangul, Samul nori, beboying, and other exemplary Korean elements appearing throughout, they make for a feast for the eyes. The blue suits they wear, along with the exciting, bopping melody with the traditional rhythm raises curiosity on what 'Refresh' will end up being.

The '2020 Global K-POP project' aims to gather K-POP artists with various styles, and fit them into a singluar vision, which they have successfully done in 2019 with Ravi, Eunha, Ong Seong Wu, Hongbin, Hyungwon, Rain, and others, garnering much attention. With Zico and Kang Daniel joining in early this year, expectations among music fans are high this year.

With Pepsi Korea using the slogan #FORTHELOVEOFIT to protray an image of respect to Korean and other such cultures, the new track 'Refresh' is also expected to do the same, and express the same message.

Zico founded 'KOZ ENTERTAINMENT' back in January, and with multiple producers and artists has diversified his activities. With his newest single "Any Song" getting explosive reviews, sweeping first place in all Korean music charts, proving his place on the industry once again. Kang Daniel's first solo album 'color on me' released back in July as an flamboyant start to hsi career. With his comeback into the music industry with the mini album 'CYAN' and the title track '2U', he reached a global audience, along with first place on multiple music charts. 

The new track from the Pepsi x Starship venture '2020 Global K-POP Project - FOR THE LOVE OF 대한민국 (South Korea)' 'Refresh' will come out April 23th 6pm KST.





2020 Global K-POP Project New Music Video Teaser Unveiled! Zico x Kang Daniel 'Refresh'


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