'The King-Eternal Monarch' Melo-Eye Moments of Lee Minho!
'The King-Eternal Monarch' Melo-Eye Moments of Lee Minho!
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.04.27 20:39
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SBS The King-Eternal Monarch

[MHN Roh Pooleun] Lee Minho's eyes in drama 'The King-Eternal Monarch' is mesmerizing viewers.

Lee Minho, playing as E-Gon in SBS drama 'The King-Eternal Monarch' is receiving positive reactions from fans worldwide. His eyes convey emotions such as sorrow, pain, loneliness, missing, and joy in scenes and his acting is said as getting better every episode.

His eyes are perfectly suited for melo dramas. As his relationship with Taeul gets deeper, his acting of a man fallen in love is getting deeper as well.

Here are three best moments of his melo-eyes.


# "Now I finally see you" (episode 1)

The first moment is when E-Gon met Taeul for the first time after passing the gate of 'dimension', the moment he has waited for 25 years, the ending scene of episode 1. His eyes were soaked in tears, saying "Now I finally see you, officer Jung Taeul" and hugging her tight.


# "I welcome you as empress" (episode 2)

Right after broadcast, Lee Minho's line "I welcome you as empress" was on the top of most searched charts. It was a staight, strong line for him to appeal to Jung Taeul who never admits who he is and where he came from. He proposed to her in calm tone, the gentle attitude of king.


# "I saw the beauty" "Dear my love" (episode 3)

In episode 3, E-Gon experiences 'fantastic moment' as the side effect of crossing the gate of 'dimension'. Time suddenly stops, Lee Minho gapes at Kim Goeun and smiles, saying "Time stopped, and I saw the beauty". At the end of the episode, he goes back to his world. On separating scene with Jung Taeul, a narration of a poem 'First Marriage' comes out, mounting expectation on next episdoe.


# "My name is E-Gon" (episode 4)

E-Gon and Taeul comes to Korean Empire on a snowy day. On arriving, E-Gon tells Taeul "I am the king of Korean Empire, and my name is E-Gon", the most romantic scene of this episode. This was also on the most searched chart.


Lee Minho's eyes are perfectly suited for romance drama, and his abilities on expressing emotions on his face is outstanding. Episodes of 'The King-Eternal Monarch' is aired every Friday and Saturday 10 pm.




'The King-Eternal Monarch' Melo-Eye Moments of Lee Minho!


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