'Hospital Playlist' explosion of chemistry, from tsunderes to bears, children to parents
'Hospital Playlist' explosion of chemistry, from tsunderes to bears, children to parents
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Friendships and chemistry between characters important
'Hospital Playlist' Screen Capture

[MHN Lee Jisook reporter / translation by Jung Halim] With it captivating the hearts and minds of audiences shown by its firm first place in the ratings, we take a look at the character relationships in the tvN drama 'Hospital Playlist'.

'Hospital Playlist' Shin Hyun-bin - Jo Jung-suk

# Father-Daughter chemistry - Lee Ik-joon (Jo Jung-suk) & Jang Gyeo-wool (Shin Hyun-bin)

Ik-joon and Gyeo-wool's parental relationship was already present from the beginning of the show. With Geyeo-wool being the only resident in general surgery, she got a lot of love from the numerous professors, Ik-joon being one of them. But after she revealed to him that she had feelings for Jung-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), the two became closer. Ik-joon set up meetings between the two, and and told Gyeo-wool all the news he had about Jung-won as soon as he could, helping out with the romance as much as he could. Not only that, but Ik-joon has been a resident for 3 years, and so he understoond and cared for his hubae and became her strength. Last episode saw him comforting Gyeo-wool after she got a complain from a patient, having viewers react feverously to their chemistry.

'Hospital Playlist' Jung Moon-sung - Jung Kyung-ho

#Tsundere Chemistry - Kin Joon-wan (Jung Kyung-ho) & Do Jae-hak (Jung Moon-sung)

The fun never stops with the seemingly cold but warm hearted Joon-wan and the vaguely clumsy and clever Jae-hak as they titter with each other. "I think you like everyone except me," says Joon-wan, showing his daily troubles with the professor. But his steadfastness  and pitched fastballs in the face of Joon-wan's crankiness gave an ironic twist to their relationship, inducing laughter towards the audience. The last episode saw the "tsundere" chemistry between the two explode, as we see Jae-hak go through scams and troubles with patients, and see him find out that Joon-wan took care of it all behind the scenes. A touched Jae-hak went to find with tears in his eyes, only to find a very calm and collected Joon-wan.

'Hospital Playlist' Ahn Eun-jin - King Dae-myung

# "Bear" Chemistry - Yang Seok-hyung (King Dae-myung) & Choo Min-ha (Ahn Eun-jin)

Last episode showed Min-ha work sliently through an overwhelming workload, leading viewers to feel her regret. Soon reaching her limit, she furiously called her supervising professor Seok-hyung a "bear", and sliently decided to quit. However an emergency situation occured, and soon she had to try her best through her fears, leading to much tears in the audience. Seok-hung's heartfealt compliment, "You'll be a good doctor. You did great today," melted away all the complaints Min-ha had. Additionally Seok-hyung's introverted nature was slowly but surely changing because of Min-ha, and has us see him gradually make friends with others. With Min-ha herself also being comforted by the "sensitive bear" Seok-hyung, the chemistry between the two brings healing to viewers.

'Hospital Playlist' Kim Hae-sook - Kim Kap-soo

# 60 year old friendship chemistry - Jung Ro-sa (Kim Hae-sook) & Joo Jong-soo (Kim Kap-soo)

Childish when together, relentless in their speech, the chemistry between Ro-sa and Jong-su has them care for each other for the 60 years they've known each other, having their friendship leave a mark on the audience. With laughter erupting merely through searching flower names and preparing food together, the very nature of their relationship was a strength to those watching. Especially with the last episode, where we see Jong-soo get hurt in the bathroom, having Ro-sa worry. When she learns that he did not tell his children about his accident, she is as hurt as if she were the one experiencing it. 

'Hospital Playlist' is drama about the hopsital, a place where one life can begin, and another can end, and the 'chemistories' that happen between the five friends in that small space. Airing every Thursday on 9pm KST, the ninth episode will air on May 7th, with its Netflix release soon after.

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'Hospital Playlist' explosion of chemistry, from tsunderes to bears, children to parents

Friendships and chemistry between characters important


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