[Delicious Seoul] Macaron cafe in Seoul and Ilsan
[Delicious Seoul] Macaron cafe in Seoul and Ilsan
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Sinchon La Floraison
Yeonnam-dong Salon de Ceylon
Ilsan May 10

 La Floraison' (Sinchon)


[MHN Roh Pooleun] Milk tea and macaron are the best menu. Only fresh and eco-friendly ingredients are used such as vegan cream, French Gourmet butter, of course without preservative.

6~8 flavors of macarons, tiramisu, pound cake, cannele, financier, madlen are avaialble. Afternoon tea set is only available for pre-reservation. Customized cake with flowers and macaron cake can be ordered as well.



Each table is decorated with fresh flower. Those who need Instagram photos may visit this place.



Salon de Ceylon (Yeonnam-dong)


This place is specialized in tea and milk tea is the best menu. Deserts are macaron and carrot cake. The recommended flavor for macaron is earl grey. Carrot cake is made of organic ingredients.



The name of the place, vintage walls, dark lighing, quiet atmosphere all harmonize well with the mood. This place was chosen as Seoul's attractive place for consecutive five years in Blue Ribbon Survey'.


MAY 10 (Ilsan)


This place is located in Ilsan, Bam-ri-dan-gil. Dark green sofa, light pink doors are unique and inside is cozy. The concept of this palce is 'flower', and the best menu are flower macaron and fruit macaron. 



Flower macaron is decorated with sugar-powdered flower and fruit macaron is added flavor by strawberry and grape. The owner used to make flower sediment cakes, which pass down to her macarons. Every menu is served on laced, wood tray. 




[Seoul Attractions] Macaron cafe in Seoul and Ilsan

Sinchon, La Floraison
Yeonnam-dong, Salon de Ceylon
Ilsan, May 10


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