[Delicious Seoul] Vegan restaurants in Seoul
[Delicious Seoul] Vegan restaurants in Seoul
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Diner Jackie

Seoul, Mapo-gu, Mangwon-dong 400-9


Diner Jackie is remodeled from an old house. The owner of this restaurant says he started the restaurant for his family's healthy diet. Menus are customized to every type of vegan. Pesco menus are major.

Best menu is salon salad and salmon rolls. The owner buys salmon from market every day and salmon skin can be tasted in those menus. Vegetables come from his own farm and some vegetables are planted inside the restaurant.




Salady is salad franchise brand started in 2013. Now it has 70 branches nationwide. 

Saladay uses 'unlimit' meat made of beans, onion, olive, whose texture is similar to 'bulgogi'.

Customized salad is available. 'V' toppings such as 'unlimit', tofu, sweet pumpkin, cranberry, corn, onion, bean, olive, tomato, nuts can be added.




[To go to Seoul] Vegan restaurants in Seoul


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