'Wonder Girls', where are they now... From Hyerim's marriage to Yubin's comeback
'Wonder Girls', where are they now... From Hyerim's marriage to Yubin's comeback
  • Halim Jung
  • 2020.05.18 19:28
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Soohee x Sunmi x Yubin x Hye Rim x Yeeun x Sunye, where are they now

[MHN Jung Jiyun reporter / translated by Jung Halim] The Korean girl group 'Wonder Girls' debuted on February 10th 2007, and had a three hit combo with the singles 'Tell me', 'So hot', and 'Nobody', placing them as one of the representative girl groups in the country. With this momentum behind their back, they soon announced their entry into the American market with JYP. They did an opening act for the Jonas brothers, as well as entered into the Bilboard Top 100 Singles chart, a first for a Korean group, but otherwise showed disapointing results abroad, considering their popularity back in Korea. However, with the rapid rise of K-POP in America, their American venture has been revaluated as paving the way for the genre to enter into the West.

Source: National Election Commission / JYP Entertainment

Returning to Korea in 2015, Wonder Girls came back with two singles that all members participated in the composing, writing, and instrumental recording of, 'I feel you', and 'Why so lonely'. Even with the regime change going through the two generations of girl groups that went on at the time, they managed to rank first on several charts, and were the only second generation girl group to be nominated for several end of the year awards. They were paving a new path, not just an idol group, but as a 'self producing band'. 

On 2017, Wonder Girls disbanded after releasing the 'goodbye' single 'Draw Me'. However, each of the members have remain in contact, have been active in various ways, and serves now as a role model for their hubae idol groups. The members still mention the official Wonder Girls fan club 'Wonderful', and have shown affection for fans of Wonder Girls.

Source: Ahn Soo-hee Official Instagram Screenshot

Ahn Soo-hee is currently signed with BH Entertainment as an actor, and have been steadily growing her filmography. From projects such as 'Train to Busan' to 'Single Rider', she has shown her stable acting, and last year she appeared in season 2 of 'Welcome to Waikiki', and shown off her comedic timing.

She was also known even during her Wonder Girls days for pulling off the uniform look well, and fans have been sharing photos of her wearing uniforms through social media.

Source: Sunmi Official Instagram Screenshot

Sunmi has been creating her own territory as a solo artist. Starting with the single '24 Hours', and following it up with 'Full Moon', the two tracks became consecutive hits, having her grow as a solo artist. Her departure from JYP Entertainment led to the releases of 'Gashina', 'Heroine', and 'Lalaley', having her confirm her place in the industry with her hazy voice and unique style.

Sunmi participates in the producing of her albums, and have been receiving praise from fans all over the globe, with her doing world tours as one of the top solo artists in Korea.

Source: rrr Entertainment

Yubin appeared in 'Unpretty Rapstar', and wiped any comments on her being an 'idol rapper' by confirming her rap skills. She did not just stick to rapping either, as she released albums with tracks that she produced herself, such as 'Lady' and 'Silent Movie'.

Yubin left JYP Entertainment last January and set up her own entertainment agency, and is set to have her comeback with with the title track 'ME TIME' on the coming 21st. The upcoiming album will show off her personality and emotions, and is said to contain her growth as an artist.

Source: rrr Enterainment

Hye Rim was the first celebrity to contract with Yubin's 'rrr Entertainment'. She is currently studying in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, taking the English for International Conferences and Communication course, and is showing a good balance between her celeb activities and her studies. 

She appeared in MBC's 'Don't Be Jealous', and announced that she has been in a relationship with the national Taekwondo athlete Shin Mincheol for 7 years, leading to their marriage announcement last May 1st, to be held in July. The members all sent their congratulatory messages, showing their strong friendship.

Source: Amoeba Culture

Yeeun is currently active as the solo artist 'HA;TFELT'. Even back in 2014 she alternated between her career as part of Wonder Girls and as a solo artist, and later signed with Amoeba Culture, showing a completely different image than during her idol years.

HA;TFELT released her first album '1719' last 23rd, together with a storybook, "Concealed Thoughts and Emotions', sold out two days after its release. She openly talks about her thoughts and ideals in variety programs, and her words cheer on many of her fans.

Source: Poladis Entertainment

Sunye got married back in 2013, and is currently focusing on taking care of her children back in Canada. Hyerim, who is having her own marriage soon, said in a live broadcast that "I talked with Sunye. We texted. She already knew, of course."

Her most recent appearance was back in 2018 in the program 'King of Mask Singer', where she made it to the finals, but unfortunately was not able to win. Fans are still waiting for the main vocalist of Wonder Girls to release a song.





'Wonder Girls', where are they now... From Hyerim's marriage to Yubin's comeback

Soohee x Sunmi x Yubin x Hye Rim x Yeeun x Sunye, where are they now


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