BTS Suga, 7th on the British Official Charts... highest ranking for a solo Korean artist
BTS Suga, 7th on the British Official Charts... highest ranking for a solo Korean artist
  • Halim Jung
  • 2020.05.30 15:02
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Hits record with second mixtape 'D-2'
Title track 'Daechwita' ranks 68th on singles chart
BTS Suga New Mixtape Cover
Source: Big Hit Entertainment 

[MHN reporter Jung Halim] BTS Suga's latest solo mixtape hits 7th on the British Official Charts. 

Released last 22nd as his solo stage name 'Agust D', his mixtape 'D-2' reached the 7th on the British Official Albums Chart 'Top 100'. An Official Chart representative stated that it was the first time a solo Korean artist entered into the 'Top 10'.

The UK 'Official Chart" is one of the two globally representative pop charts in the world, with the other being America's Billboard.

'D-2' also ranked 2nd on the official album downloads chart, 3rd on the official album sales chart, and 29th on the official album streaming chart, according to a Big Hit Entertainment representative. The mixtape also hit 6th and 10th on the Scottish and Irish charts respectively.

The mixtape was produced for non-commercial purposes, meaning that while it could be bought on foreign music platforms, it was also released for free on Soundcloud and Google. The fact that there has not been a physical release also gives some attention to this record.

'Daechwita', the title track of the mixtape, also ranked 68th on the Official Singles Chart, also having it land on the 'Top 100'. The track also ranked 6th on the Official Singles Sales Chart.

BTS as a group have landed 1st on the Official Album Charts with their 4th album 'Map of the Soul: 7', and its title track 'On' placed 21st on the singles section. 

'D-2' expresses Suga's personal emotions and his honest interior life through its 10 tracks.

The title track 'Daechwita' especially stands out for sampling the Korean instrument of the same name. The music video for the single garnered 57 million views by May 30th.

'Daechwita' Music Video Capture
Source: Big Hit Entertainment



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