K-Indie Chart launches in Japan to become a new 'K-Wave'
K-Indie Chart launches in Japan to become a new 'K-Wave'
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.06.10 16:55
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] The one-and-only Indie music chart 'K-Indie Chart' is getting launched in Japan.

South Korean indie music districution agency Mirrorball Music contracted a deal with Bside, a Korean label based in Japan, and is about to enter the official K-Indie Chart into Japanese platform.

Bside has been promoting Korean Indie musicians by producing Japanese LP's for them, including The Black Skirts, Se So Neon, Adoy and Surl.

Kim Sun-hee, the president of Bside said "We are looking forward to introduce diverse genres of Korean music including Indie".

The one-and-only indie music chart's ranking is based on album sales via websites such as Aladin, Yes24, and Interpark. Mirrorball Music launched the chart in 2014 to boost domestic indie music sales.

Lee Chang-hee, the president of Mirrorball Music said "We celebrate K-Indie Chart's launch in Japan and hope it boosts interaction between Korean and Japanese artists".

The Japanese chart is available on Bside's official social media and Korean indie music media BUZZY ROOTS.




K-Indie Chart launches in Japan to become a new 'K-Wave'

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