Cosmic Girls release their new mini album 'Neverland'
Cosmic Girls release their new mini album 'Neverland'
  • Halim Jung
  • 2020.06.15 20:00
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Sold 52 thousand copies in two days
Source: Starship Entertainment
Source: Starship Entertainment

[MHN Yoon Jahyun reporter / translated by Jung Halim] Girl group Cosmic Girls released 'Neverland', and it reached a new personal record for most copies sold in a week.

According to Korean music chart Hanteo Charts, 'Neverland', the new mini album from Cosmic Girls, reached their previous record of most records sold in its opening week just 2 days after its release. 

Last year, their mini album 'As You Wish' reached 49 thousand copies sold in its first week, and 'Neverland' surpassed that number with 52 thousand copies sold within 2 days. Considering their previous album also broke their personal record, the future seems bright for the group.

Cosmic Girls debuted in 2016 with colorful concepts and a variety of stories, they have showed off their unqiue musical colors, have consistently surpassed their records, and are continuing on their path as progressing girl group. Especially of note is the new album 'Neverland', as its concept of showing the perspective of Tinkerbell after Peter Pan has left mixed dreams and reality, showing their continued attempts at new music. The title track 'BUTTERFLY' had not just a fantastical fairy tale story, but also a refreshing melody, and an eyecatching performance, expressing the joy of watching the stage, showing that they are continuing to improve.

Cosmic Girls are currently preforming their new track 'BUTTERFLY' in various music programs, and are continuing to having their special comeback stages as part of their post-album release activities.





Cosmic Girls release their new mini album 'Neverland'

Sold 52 thousand copies in two days

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