BTS's 'Bang Bang Con' is the biggest paid online concert ever
BTS's 'Bang Bang Con' is the biggest paid online concert ever
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.06.17 16:39
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Big Hit Entertainment


[MHN Roh Pooleun] BTS held the world's biggest paid online concert on Sunday with 'Bang Bang Con: The Live,' its agency Big Hit Entertainment announced Monday.
According to the agency, BTS's latest online concert attracted over 756,600 viewers from 107 countries around the world, equivalent to around 13 concerts held at Seoul's Jamsil Arena or eight concerts at London's Wembley Stadium.
Viewers were charged an admission fee, at 29,000 won ($24) for members of the BTS fan club ARMY, and 39,000 won for the general public. The concert took a minimum of 21.9 billion won from ticket sales.
Additionally, over 10,000 new members joined ARMY thanks to the concert, the agency said.
BTS held its 100-minute long online concert from 6 PM(KST), with the theme of inviting its dedicated fan ARMY into the band's room and performing for them.



The band performed 12 songs in total, kicking off with the powerful 2015 track 'Dope,' followed by its biggest hits including 'Black Swan' (2020), 'Boy With Luv' (2019) and 'Spring Day' (2016).

Back in April, BTS organized the first 'Bang Bang Con' which attracted over 50 million fans for at least a few moments and led the agency Big Hit Entertainment to work on the next edition. 
'Bang Bang Con' offered six different views of the performance on one screen, allowing viewers to toggle between different angles. Developed by Big Hit Entertainment and U.S. video solution start-up Kiswe, the setup allowed viewers to see the stage in full as well as each member up-close.



BTS's 'Bang Bang Con' is the biggest paid online concert ever


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