Teasers unveiled for Sunmi's new track 'pporappippam'
Teasers unveiled for Sunmi's new track 'pporappippam'
  • Roh Pooleun
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MAKEUS Entertainment
MAKEUS Entertainment


[MHN Roh Pooleun] Sunmi is coming back.

The singer unveiled two teaser images of her new EP on her instagram with texts 'D-6' which implies the release of the song is six days left.

On her official social media, fans voted which one is better between the two unveiled tesers.


MAKEUS Entertainment


Sunmi's up-coming EP 'pporappippam' is co-written by FRANTS who has worked with her since 'Siren' and 'LALALAY', and the lyrics of the new song is written by Sunmi herself. 

The release date is June 29.

Sunmi will have a huge-scale showcase the same day of her music release. She will have press showcase at 2 PM and online live showcase for fans from 7 PM.

Sunmi is currently appearing in shows such as 'Real World' and SBS's documentary 'Sunmi's Video Store'.

The singer made hit songs such as 'Gashina', 'Heroine' and 'Siren' after she transferred to MAKEUS Entertainment. Her identical and unique musics created a new genre called 'Sunmi Pop'.

She kicked off a new TikTok challenge on Wednesday for her new track 'pporappippam' which is set to drop on June 29.




Teasers unveiled for Sunmi's new track 'pporappippam'



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