Exotic jellies are attracting 'fun-summer'(fun+consumer) who seek for fun in purchase
Exotic jellies are attracting 'fun-summer'(fun+consumer) who seek for fun in purchase
  • Roh Pooleun
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GS25, CU, Seven-Eleven launched exotic jellies


[MHN Roh Pooleun] Convenience stores are launching exotic jellies as 'fun-sumer'(fun+consumer), a lifestyle that pursues 'fun' when purchasing products, has become a trend.

One of the biggest convenience store brand, GS25, announced on the 22nd that its new products, 'Dung-shaped Gummy' and 'Danmuji-shaped Jelly' ranked fourth and seventh in sales, respectively, among more than 100 kinds of jelly, according to its analysis of jelly sales from the 7th to the 21st of this month. It beat Haribo's 'Happy Cola' and Orion's 'My Gummy,' which were strong players in the jelly market.

Dung-shaped Gummy is cola flavored jelly. To stick to the concept, it put wet tissue behind the product. Danmuji-shaped jelly is pineapple-flavored and shaped like a real danmuji(pickled radish). It is analyzed that exotic shapes and concepts stimulated customers' curiosity. In line with the concept, GS25 will also hold an event to present danmuji-shaped jelly to customers who purchase 'Yong-gi noodles' from August 1 to 15.

It was the beginning of this year that the exotic jelly began to appear in convenience stores. In September last year, interest in exotic jelly grew as blue 'Earth Jelly', an overseas product, became popular on social media such as YouTube and Instagram.

Convenience stores in Korea are making exotic jelly shaped like foods. A case in point is the 'Samgyeopsal Jelly,' which was released by GS25 on March 3 which is also known as 'Samgyeopsal Day'. It recreated pink lean meat and white fat in a styrofoam container like real pork belly. It reached one million sales in just a month after release, by going viral on Instagram.

Another convenience store brand, CU, has launched lunch box jellies and cup noodle jellies. The lunch box-shaped jelly contains chicken feet and pizza-shaped jelly, while cup noodle jelly contains long jelly like noodles and fried egg jelly.




Seven-Eleven's tuna jelly, which was released last month, is also a hot topic. It is modeled after tuna sashimi from a Japanese restaurant. Rakkyo, which is eaten with sashimi, and wasabi-shaped jelly are also added. Related official of the company said "In terms of jelly sales over the past month, tuna sashimi and pork belly jelly are the top 10."




Exotic jellies are attracting 'fun-summer'(fun+consumer) who seek for fun in purchase


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