Youth Melodramas that are coming in the second half of 2020
Youth Melodramas that are coming in the second half of 2020
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.07.27 16:33
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SBS 'Do You Like Brahms?'(top), KBS 'Do-do-sol-sol-la-la-sol'(bottom)


[MHN Choi Ji-young / translated by Roh Pooleun] Youth Melodarmas are coming in the second half of the year.

Two music dramas are coming in August, and the titles are 'Do You Like Brahms?' which is from SBS, and 'Do-do-sol-sol-la-la-sol' which is from KBS. 

'Do You Like Brahms?' is a love story of two classical music students who are both at the age of 29. Park Eunbin and Kim Minjae play roles of Chae Song-A and Park Joon-young, respectively. Director Jo Young-min and drama writer 'Ryu Bori from SBS's short drama 'The Conditions of 17-year-old' made the drama, and the drama will first air on August 31.

'Do-do-sol-sol-la-la-sol' is a love story of two people who met in a piano academy 'La la land'. Ko Ara and Lee Jae-wook play roles of Koo Lala and Seon Woojun, resepctively. Drama writer Oh Ji-young who wrote 'My Secret Terrius' and 'Shopaholic Louis' wrote the drama and the drama will first air on August 26.


JTBC 'Number of Cases'


JTBC's 'Number of Cases' will first air in Septetmber, and the drama stars Ong Sung-woo and Sin Ye-eun who are both rising stars of the nation. They will play roles of a couple who have hidden their true heart during ten years of friendship and become a couple after realizing they are meant to be together.


tvN '


tvN's 'Record of Youth' which is set to air in September, stars Park Bogum and Park Sodam. The drama is Park Bogum's last drama before enlistment.

tvN's 'Start Up' which stars Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk is about love and lifestyle of young people working in South Korea's Silicon Belly, 'Sandbox', who are dreaming of becoming the next Steve Jobs. Drama writer Park Hye-ryeon who wrote SBS's drama 'I Hear Your Voice' and 'Pinocchio' wrote the drama.

JTBC's 'Run-on' that stars Sin Se-kyung and Lim Si-wan, will first air in winter of this year. The drama is about people from different worlds communicating in different languages and falling in love. 

'Start Up' and 'Run-on' haven't announced first airdate yet but the lineup of actors have been unveiled and fans are excited about the upcoming dramas.




Youth Melodramas that are coming in the second half of 2020 


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