THE BOYZ collaborated with THE STAR, photos and interview from THE BOYZ
THE BOYZ collaborated with THE STAR, photos and interview from THE BOYZ
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.07.30 16:30
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] THE BOYZ showed off boyish charm in August issue of fashion magazine THE STAR, titled 'THE BOYZ, TRUE BOYZ'. 



During the interview, they said "It is already third collaboration with 'THE STAR'. We are proud of ourselves to come here again as a better artist. Our names both start with 'the' and that makes us feel this collaboration is really something".

THE BOYZ won no.1 in Mnet's survival show 'Road to Kingdom'. About winning 'Road to Kingdom', New said "Majority of our members wanted to be on the show and we were confident. I wouldn't have appeared in the show if I was alone, but I was confident because members are next to me". Juyeon said "Frankly, I don't like competition. But after I was on the show, I realized that I enjoy competition. I enjoyed the program so much and discovered another part of me".



About how it may feel like when their song tops music charts, Hyunjae said "I have imagined that. I think members will all faint down with joy and we will have a party". Joo Hak Nyeon said "It's just my thought, but I think every singer should dream about being no.1 on Billboard charts. Dreams are better when higher".

THE BOYZ swept rookie awards at the beginning of their debut and was called as '11 centers' and 'next generation idol'. When they were asked if they had ever felt burdened. Q said "I felt sorry for myself because I felt so much pressure to do better in the beginning. I feel much better now and I think someday I can enjoy all this pressure. To the same question, Sunwoo said "We are grateful for the words that express us in a good way. I felt I have to fulfill the expectations and we are a lucky team. I still feel the same".

Lastly, when asked what group or artist they want to be, Jacob said "I want to make 'THE BOYZ' come to people's mind when the word 'boy' comes out, in any place in the world" and Sangyeon said "As a leader of the team, I want to get good results. Also, I want to be a singer who people are interested in, in a long term. I believe they will recognize us if we work hard like now".




THE BOYZ collaborated with THE STAR, photos and interview from THE BOYZ

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