Mixed group KARD to comeback in August
Mixed group KARD to comeback in August
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.08.07 14:47
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] Mixed group KARD(J.Seph, BM, Jeon So Min, Jeon Ji Woo) is set to comeback in August.

The new album wil drop in late August, and it will be a new sound from KARD in six months after 'RED MOON' which was released in February.

KARD plans to unveil their new song for the first time at the concert '2020 WILD KARD IN SEOUL' on the 22nd. They are currently speeding up their last-minute work after recording the song. The members are known to have devoted their heart and soul to producing the overall part of the album, including not only music but also visuals.

In addition, Jeon Ji Woo's recent performance on Mnet's 'Good Girl' boosted the group's popularity, and mixed groups such as 'SSAK3' are receiving attention lately. 

KARD's new album is expected to draw attention more than ever before.




Mixed group KARD to comeback in August



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