YG, debuts new boy group 'TREASURE' on August 7th
YG, debuts new boy group 'TREASURE' on August 7th
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First YG group with 12 members, 'Treasure' to release debut single on 7th
Bang Yedam of K-POP STAR Season 2 fame in group
Source: YG Entertainment

[MHN Jung Eunsil reporter / translated by Jung Halim] YG Entertainment launches a new idol group, a first since Blackpink back in 2016. Following YG's previous boy groups such as Big Bang, Winner, and iKON, Treasure currently has the largest member count in YG's history. YG Entertainment has rarely had a group with more than 6 members, but Treasure debuted with 12 members. They even have two group leaders.

The twelve, containing the 2013 K-POP STAR second placer Bang Yedam, has already gotten attention from the public as a group to look out for. They were chosen from YG's survival program 'YG Treasure Box', and due to this already have a tight fanbase before their debut. The twelve members have an average of 19 years between them, and these visually appealing members all have substantial musical talent as well. Four of the members are Japanese, leading to them having a well sized fanbase in Japan already. Beacause of these facts, their debut single already reached 170 thousand pre-orders, breaking records for a YG debut group.

Source: YG Entertainment

The new group 'Treasure' held a conference for their singles album 'THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE'. They introduced themselves as a team "With the typical YG style, but with our own personalities added in."

The title track 'BOY' and its music video revealed on that day show these personalities well. The later dance break showed their various traits. The song 'BOY' was, like the title itself, containing lyrics about a youthful boy who can't control his emotions, and so goes towards his first love. The synthesizers, bass guitar, and drums all build up towards some tension.

Setting a new record for a debut single's pre-order count, the Treasure members stated that they did not expect this much hype, and that they still couldn't believe it. Jihoon, one of the two leaders, said, "I think the reason why we are getting a lot of love is because our sunbae groups have already shown K-Pop's influence all over the world. That's why Treasure could communicate with fans globally." Bang Yedam added, "Blackpink being globally active showed us that they may be expecting from us. We thought whether we could be like that as well, and was motivation for us to prepare harder."

Their debut single also shows signs of a 'worldview', something thats becoming necessary for any idol group. The revealed teaser trailer had the message of how a regular person can change the world, and of whatever happens just try to find your own treasure.

Treasure will be meeting fans 2 hours before their debut singles album is sold on 4 p.m. through a countdown V LIVE. Their first music program broadcast will be at SBS 'Inkigayo' on the 9th, with the album 'THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER ONE' being released on August 13th through YG Select, music streaming services, and other music stores.





YG, debuts new boy group 'TREASURE' on August 7th

First YG group with 12 members, 'Treasure' to release debut single on 7th
Bang Yedam of K-POP STAR Season 2 fame in group

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