Jeonbuk Museum of Art holds exhibition 'Coexistence' until the 30th
Jeonbuk Museum of Art holds exhibition 'Coexistence' until the 30th
  • Roh Pooleun
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Jeonbuk Museum of Art


[MHN Bae Sang Hyun / translated by Roh Pooleun] Jeonbuk Museum of Art will host exhibition 'Coexistence' to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Jeonbuk Art Association.

The exhibition is a venue to embrace the stems and prospects of art in Jeonbuk Province by holding the 40th exhibition of the Jeonbuk Art Association which has the longest history in Jeonbuk Province.

The exhibition invites 317 artists on the recommendation of the Jeonbuk Art Association, and the exhibition hall is divided into five sections with five different topics.


Jeonbuk Museum of Art


The first exhibition hall 'The dignity of Muk-Hyang' exhibits 27 works on the theme of calligraphy and letters and the second exhibition hall 'The Most Beautiful and Happy Moment in Life' exhibits 62 works on flowers. The works are reinterpretation of precious moments of life through flowers.

The third exhibition hall 'Beyond reproduction, toward emotions' displays 42 abstract works which freely express the connection of honest emotions and their reasons. The fourth hall 'Comtemplation and Usage of Life' displays 50 craft works that feature 'humanity' and coexistence of beauty and utility.


Jeonbuk Museum of Art


The fifth hall 'The Mountain is High and the Water Shines' features 127 landscape paintings that depict the nature and its sensibilities. Various attitudes and interpretation of nature and its sensibility are sunk in the works.

An official from the Jeonbuk Museum of Art said "We projected this exhibition to show the current status of Jeonbuk Art and to express our intention to cooperate with local arts, as well as emphasize the value of 'win-win' relationship between museums and local arts."




Jeonbuk Museum of Art holds exhibition 'Coexistence' until the 30th


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