THE BOYZ's pictorial by ARENA released! Check out Young Hoon, Hyun Jae, and Joo Yeon's interview
THE BOYZ's pictorial by ARENA released! Check out Young Hoon, Hyun Jae, and Joo Yeon's interview
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.08.21 15:19
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] THE BOYZ's Young Hoon, Hyun Jae, and Joo Yeon collaborated with fashion magazine ARENA on its September issue.

The three people are called as the 'Bermuda' line of the group since they are the most handsome members of the group. It is the first time the three people collaborated with a fashion magazine only with themselves.



Youn Hoon is cast as a lead role from upcoming drama 'Love Revolution'. During the interview, he said "I didn't know I would be cast in the role of 'Kyung Woo'. I wanted to show that I can do difficult things. It's so amazing because I was a fan of the webtoon(the drama is based on a same titled webtoon). I know the character well so I suggest my thoughts about acting the character to the director and that's working. The webtoon is still being published, and I read along the lines because I feel like 'Kyung Woo' is me."

He added "I became friends with fellow actors quickly, especially Park Ji Hoon who is cast as 'Gong Joo Young' from the drama. I'm usually shy of strangers and I thought I've changed a lot."

The hyeong(older brother) line and ice breaker of the team, said "I am honest. I don't say things I can't say in front of. I'm simple and transparent. I often do things what members don't want to do for them. I hate hurting others, even animals. I think we need to protect those who are weaker. I hate people who don't respect others. I can be strong to the strong and weak to the weak."



Joo Yeon, who is the eye-catcher on stages with his professional facial expressions and dance, opened up about his charms of twist hidden behind his intense looks during the interview. He said "When everyone sees me, they say I look strong but I am rather gentle. When I am alone, I am cynical. I guess I exist between 'Joo Yeon' who people know and 'Joo Yeon' who I know. I ask myself questions like 'who am I' often." 

He added "I put on earphones and listen to the music 30 minutes before I get on the stage to get immersed to the stage and control myself. On stages, I feel I'm a different person. That's why each stage is so special to me."



Taking a leap forward from winning survival show 'Road to Kingdom', the three people showed their special attachment to the team. About THE BOYZ, Young Hoon said "Our first song was 'Boy'. It means pureness, originality, variety, and possibility. It will remain even when we become older."

Hyun Jae said "I'm sure I will confident for being called as 'THE BOYZ' when I grow older. To me, 'boy' means youth and life." Joo Yeon said "To be a boy is the most confused, loved, and precious time of life. It will go with us forever."

More photos and interview from Young Hoon, Joo Yeon, and Hyun Jae can se seen from September issue of Arena Homme+.




THE BOYZ's pictorial by ARENA released! Check out Young Hoon, Hyun Jae, and Joo Yeon's  interview

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