NU'EST's Hwang Minhyun opened up about his motivation and future dreams in an interview with '1st Look'
NU'EST's Hwang Minhyun opened up about his motivation and future dreams in an interview with '1st Look'
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.08.21 17:20
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] NU'EST's Hwang Minhyun collaborated with fashion magazine '1st Look' as a cover model on its September issue which was published on Aguust 20th.



During the interview, about his first acting on drama 'Live On', he said "I was very nervous during script reading. I practiced so hard that my script was almost torn out, but I was so nervous during the first shoot. I feel much comfortable at filming now, and I am adjusted to the field." About his recent instagram post of the night sky, he said "I cam home late at night after finishing filming which was started in the morning. The sky was so beautiful on the way home. I posted it on my instagram to comfort myself and tell my fans that I am doing well."



About the character he is playing in the drama, he said "Go Eun Taek(name of the character) is quite similar to me. Like being planned? I stick to plans when I go on a trip or do things." About how he controls his mind and stress, he said "I don't get stressed easily, but what stresses me these days is cutting weight. So I watch 'mukbang' every night. I really love ramen but I can't eat it becasue I will look bigger the next morning if I eat it. My favorite mukbang is ramen."



Hwang was street casted in a young age when he was eating chicken skewer at a snack stand with his friends. Reminiscing the moment, he said "I didn't know I will be who I am now when I was little, but I had the belief that I will be famous someday. I had that belief always."

About his motivation for expanding the field from idol to actor, and further to a musical actor, he said "I don't want to be fixed. My fans are my motivation. They wait for me until I acheive, so I can challenge on. They are the impetus that pushes me forward when I feel tired."



More photos and interview can be seen from September issue of '1st Look'.




NU'EST's Hwang Minhyun opened up about his motivation in an interview with '1st Look'



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