Pentagon will drop new album 'WE:TH'! Check out their updates
Pentagon will drop new album 'WE:TH'! Check out their updates
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.10.05 17:55
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CUBE Entertainment


[MHN Roh Pooleun] Boy band Pentagon will drop new album!

Their agency, CUBE Entertainment stated on the 5th that Pentagon will drop their 10th EP 'WE:TH' on the 12th. On the album, member Yenan who has put hiatus on group activity due to health problem, will come back to the group. However, member Jinho who is currently serving his military duty will not be able to participate in the group activity.

The title track of the album is 'Daisy' and written by member Hui and Woosuk who has made the group's hitsongs such as 'Shine', 'Dr.bebe', and 'Basquiat'. 


CUBE Entertainment


The album contains six songs including the title track, and other songs listed on the album are 'Beautiful Goodbye', 'The year, the month, the day(Literally translated)', 'You Like', 'Paradise', and 'I'm Here(Jinho solo, CD Only)'. Members have participated in making every track song in their album.

Pentagon has been acknowledged by their great stage performances and song producing skills since 2016, the year they debuted. They dropped their first LP in February this year, after 3 years and 4 months since their debut, and they have shown skillful choreographies and vocal skills in Mnet's boy band audition program 'Road to Kingdom.'


CUBE Entertainment


Their Japanese album 'Universe: The History' which dropped on September 23rd is becoming popular in Japan, and the album has landed no.2 on Oricon's daily album chart. Pentagon has debuted in Japan in February last year with their song 'COSMO'. which has topped Oricon chart and iTunes chart.




Pentagon will drop new album 'WE:TH'! Check out their updates



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