Highlight's Yang Yo Seob updated fans with new pictorials! Check out mag 'THE STAR'
Highlight's Yang Yo Seob updated fans with new pictorials! Check out mag 'THE STAR'
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.11.09 16:33
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] Highlight's Yang Yo Seob updated fans with newest pictorials!

He collaborated with fashion magazine 'THE STAR' in its November issue; the theme of the pictorials was 'Begin Again.'

During an interview after the shooting, he said "It has been a while since I have had a pictorial shooting; actually, I still feel doing these things alone, not as a team. I miss members(from boyband Highlight) a lot these days. These days, I am also working as an actor in musicals and I am practicing hard. I constantly try to meet fans."

The singer/actor is the main vocalist of the team, Highlight. When asked what he things his asset as a vocalist is, he replied "I think my vocal cord is stern. I do a lot of work to maintain the optimal state of my vocal cord and I am sensitive to it more than anybody else. So even on days when I feel tired, my vocal cord is on the same condition, as always. I want to sing for fans, just like this.  

When asked about any plan for solo album, he said "I have prepared for the album from last week. I want to show fans the greatest quality of music I can. I will come back with a new song as soon as possible."


When asked if he has felt pressure or stress while working as an idol since there are so many idol teams in Korea and competition is inevitable, he said "I felt that pressure when I was in the army. Before that, I always thought that I am irreplaceable. Now I understand that things change and I feel more comfortable. I want to do what I can do and what I do well."

About his bucketlist for 2020, he replied "It was to have an offline concert. I hope the pandemic ends so that I can sing and meet fans. I have planned to have a solo concert from the beginning of this year and it is frustrating that everything is cancelled due to the situation. I miss my fans."

The full line-up of Yang Yo Seob's pictorials and interview can be seen from November issue of magazine 'THE STAR'; video clips can be seen from 'THE STAR' YouTube channel, Naver TV, and official social media.

In the same magazine, CNBLUE featured as well!





Highlight's Yang Yo Seob updated fans with new pictorials! Check out mag 'THE STAR'


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