BTS dropped 'Life Goes On' M/V, watch video here!
BTS dropped 'Life Goes On' M/V, watch video here!
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.11.20 17:19
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'BE(Deluxe Edition)' title track 'Life Goes On' M/V on YouTube

[MHN Roh Pooleun] BTS dropped new song 'Life Goes On' M/V!

'Life Goes On' is the title track of their new album 'BE(Deluxe Edition)' that dropped today at 2 PM KST. The album contains 8 songs including the title song 'Life Goes On,' 'Fly To My Room,' 'Blue & Grey,' 'Telepathy,' 'Dis-ease,' 'Stay,' and 'Skit.' 

'Life Goes On' is an alternative hip-hop genre topped with a melodic acoustic guitar sound. The songs deliver a message that 'life goes on' even in frustratig circumstances that are unforseen. Anyone surviving through 2020 will be able to relate to the hearwearming lyrics and melody.

The ttile track is in the same context to the message that the album 'BE' holds. The album title 'BE' means 'to be' or 'to exist.' It doesn't have a form; it exists itself and the message in it is 'we exist.' That's why the album doesn't have a distinct title.

About COVID-19 pandemic that hit the entire world, BTS had said before "The situation is making every one of us powerless and threatened, but we can make through it. Let's do this."

Listen to BTS's comforting new songs and warm your heart!







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