Chung Ha is going to drop new song! Check out teaser
Chung Ha is going to drop new song! Check out teaser
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 승인 2020.11.23 16:14
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MNH Entertainment

[MHN Roh Pooleun] Chung Ha dropped charismatic teaser!

Kpop singer Chung Ha dropped teaser image for her upcoming new single 'Dream of You' through her official social media. The singer is one of the most influential 'girl-crush' pop stars; she collected a lot of girl fans with her amazing dancing skills and voice. 

She appeared on Mnet's idol survival show 'Produce 101 season 1' which aired in 2016-2017 and made it to debut as girl band 'I.O.I' which was signed with a major entertainment firm to promote for a year and disband after one year of promotion. While other members went back to their agencies and practiced or debuted with other trainees, Chung Ha returned as solo artist. Her first album 'Hands on Me(2017)' and title track 'Why Don't You Know' swept the top rankings of various music charts. Her later songs such as 'Roller Coaster,' 'Gotta Go,' 'Already 12 o'Clock,' and 'SNAPPING' were all hits and solidified her position as an unrivaled female solo artist among her age in Kpop industry.

The born-to-be singer is going to release new song 'Dream of You.' Details are yet to be revealed, but fans are already giving a guess to who the collaboration artist on her album is after the unveiled teaser image hinted that a 'COLLABORATION SINGLE' is coming out.

The new song 'Dream of You' is an electronic pop genre topped with rhythmical house music sound. The song is set to drop on November 27 12PM KST so stay tuned to the singer's updates until then!




Chung Ha is going to drop new song! Check out teaser


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