ENHYPHEN, debut album 'BORDER : DAY ONE' preview revealed
ENHYPHEN, debut album 'BORDER : DAY ONE' preview revealed
  • Halim Jung
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Unveiled ENHYPEN debut lead single 'Given-Taken'! Predicts a dark+powerful energy

[MHN Lee Jisook reporter / translated by Jung Halim] Group ENHYPEN will be releasing their powerful and dark lead single 'Given-Taken', set to raise expectations for their debut.

ENHYPEN revealed a preview video for their debut album 'BORDER : DAY ONE' on November 23rd through their official SNS accounts. The video expresses the youthful concept of ''DAWN' and the classical beauty of 'DUSK', and the behind the scenes for both of those concept photos. With the background of those photos set, the video reveals the tracklist for the album, starting with the lead single 'Given-Taken', as well as the tracks 'Intro : Walk the Line', 'Let Me In (20 CUBE)', '10 Months', 'Flicker', 'Outro : Cross the Line', and others for a total of 6 tracks.


The preview starts with the song 'Intro : Walk the Line', which attempts to express the emotion of having pain turning into bliss during the point where boys go back to the world they've dreamed of. The reggae and hip-hop infused 'Let Me In (20 CUBE)', the streamlined melody of the pop song '10 Months', the R&B song that was used during a 'I-LAND' mission track 'Flicker', and the vintage and carnival inspired waltz of 'Outro : Cross the Line'.

ENHYPEN also finally revealed part of their lead single 'Given-Taken'. It is a pop hip-hop track, and as such predicts a dark and powerful song and performance. The lyrics also carry an addictive melody, all which carry a hope towards a new, better world.

With ENHYPEN stating that they will be showing off various music interpreted by their own style, the list of producers in the credit lists also catches the eye. Their debut album came from a collaboration between Wonderkid, "hitman"bang, FRANTS, and other top Big Hit producers.

ENHYPEN's debut album 'BORDER: DAY ONE' is about the doubts, complex emotions, and the steps towards a new world's sunrise as one stands in the midst of two different worlds. They have released a debut trailer, a concept mood board, concept photos, intro lyric videos, tracklists, and more to promote the project.

Especially of note is how ENHYPEN achieved a million followers in Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and V LIVE, as well as selling 300 thousand pre-orders in just three weeks. They have accelerated their growth in rapid pace, and has been called a 'global fan made group' from how quickly they have garnered an audience.

ENHYPEN, who come as a result of the combination of Big Hit's talents after setting up BTS and Tomorrow x Together, and the individual talents of each of the members confirmed through 'I-LAND'. ENHYPEN, who will be starting with a global fandom base, will be debuting in November 30th, and it remains to be seen whether they will carry through with their hype.





ENHYPEN, debut album 'BORDER : DAY ONE' preview revealed

Unveiled ENHYPEN debut lead single 'Given-Taken'! Predicts a dark+powerful energy

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