ENHYPEN, the next BTS, debut album will drop today at 6PM KST!
ENHYPEN, the next BTS, debut album will drop today at 6PM KST!
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 승인 2020.11.30 17:51
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] ENHYPEN is going to drop their debut album 'BORDER : DAY ONE' today! The title track 'Given-Taken' M/V will drop on YouTube at the same time.

ENHYPEN is BigHit Entertainment and CJ Entertainment joint made idol group. Agency BE:LIFT is a management corporation founded by the two conglomorates. ENHYPEN's member selection was aired through Mnet' survival show 'I-LAND' earlier this year, and 7 members were chosen among 23 applicants.


ENHYPEN is an international idol group composed of 6 Korean and 1 Japanese. The team's leader Heesung is Korean and Sunghoon, Sunwoo, and Jungwon are Korean too. J and Jake have double nationalities from Korea and USA(J) and Austrailia(Jake). The youngest member, Niki, is Japanese.

During their debut showcase today, members told they have received advices from Sun-bae(Korean word for calling seniors) artists and staffs from their agency. Member Jungwon said "The next day members were decided, staffs did a surprise event for us. Bang PD(CEO of BigHit Entertainment) told us there is no K-pop idol group that doesn't have a fan. From the love and support from fans, I was able to come to this place and so I should reward them by being a proud member of ENHYPEN."

J, who met BTS members during 'I-LAND,' said "Sunbae-nims(referring BTS) came to give us gifts and advices. I was so happy and grateful. They told me 'Love yourself and be confident. Life comes with hardship but going over the slumps help you grow in future.'"


J said "Most of us have dreamed of becoming an idol, looking at BTS's performances and listening to their songs. We covered their songs a lot during the show, and were so honored to get advices from them directly. We are learning from them about attitudes and behaviors as an artist, not only about music and performances. We will continue endeavoring to become the next BTS to show K-pop throughout the world."

ENHYPEN's goal this year is to earn the title 'Global fan-made idol group' and winning New Artists Award. They are going to perform on stage at MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Awards) five days later. J said "I hope we are remembered by global fans as a group made by fans. And we also hope to be remembered as 2020's hottest rookie."




ENHYPEN, the next BTS, debut album will drop today at 6PM KST!


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