NCT tested negative for COVID-19, Seventeen still waiting for results
NCT tested negative for COVID-19, Seventeen still waiting for results
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.12.18 15:39
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] South Korean boy band Seventeen' all 13 members are self-quarantining after being tested for COVID-19.

The boy band visited a hair salon where somebody who tested positive for COVID-19 had visited on the same day(December 16). Seventeen is not officially required to go on a test but for the safety of the artists and staffs, the members decided to receive test. They are self quarantining now, waiting for the results.

Moreover, NCT revceived testing after their make-up artist crossed paths with the same confirmed case at the same hair salon. Results came out that every member is tested negative for the virus. The idols will participate in KBS Song Festival prerecording scheduled for today, which was cancelled while they were waiting for results. Their future schedules will be carried on and KBS Song Festival 2020 will be aired as planned.

On December 17, boy band Golden Child's member Jaehyun was tested positive for COVID-19 and other idols who have crossed path with him, such as Seventeen and NCT, had underwent testing. 

We hope everybody is safe and sound.




Seventeen and NCT undergo testing and quarantining


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