Seventeen, special Christmas present for fans... 'Going Seventeen' 12 hour livestream
Seventeen, special Christmas present for fans... 'Going Seventeen' 12 hour livestream
  • Halim Jung
  • 2020.12.24 17:35
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Source: Pledis Entertainment

[MHN Lee Jisook reporter / translated by Jung Halim] Group Seventeen will be sending a special present for fans this Christmas Eve.

Agency Pledis Entertainment stated, "For Christmas Eve, we will be proceeding with the Seventeen content 'Going Seventeen', a twelve hour live stream. This Christmas, spend time safely at home with Seventeen."

'Going Seventeen' is a series that will be released every Monday through Seventeen's official Youtube channel. It will be structured like a web variety series, with chase sequences, illogical talk shows, mini sports events, leading to different concepts and structures for each episode. The thirteen members and their individual characters completely capitvated fans and audiences alike.

'Going Seventeen 2020' surpassed 74 million total views rapidly, with the popularity of the content spreading by word of mouth rapidly. On December 24th, it will be live streamed for twelve hours. 

Seventeen captured the themes of 'Talk', 'Mind', and 'Body' on their content, and will be showcasing them in their live stream with their relentless energy and the unique conversations between the members.

Seventeen are not only gaining praise from their content, but also through their music. Their songs have been ranked as 2020's best K-Pop songs by British Dazed, American Magazine Paper, American Times, showing their global appeal.

Seventeen will also be appearing in the American CBS show 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' on January next year, showing the amount of attention given to them.


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