#1 [2020 Hot Keywords] Bong Jun Ho, Kingdom, MMTG & more
#1 [2020 Hot Keywords] Bong Jun Ho, Kingdom, MMTG & more
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.12.28 17:21
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wrapping up 2020
What happened this year?

[MHN Roh Pooleun] Looking back 2020, here's summary of big events that happened this year.

Yonhap Agency

Movie 'Parasite' earned milestone achievements, definitely.

From 2020 Academy Awards-popularly known as the Oscars, Bong Jun Ho's  2019 movie 'PARASITE' took home trophies in four of the categories for which it was nominated. Winning four awards including 'International Feature Film', 'Best Original Screenplay', 'Best Director', and 'Best Picture', Bong won all three of the categories for which he was nominated.  

His movie 'Parasite' also became the first non-English language film in Oscar history to win the award for 'Best Picture.' It was also the first film from South Korea to be nominated for 'International Feature Film' and win the award.

It is the second movie in history to win both 'Palme d'Or' from the Cannes Film Festival and 'Best Picture' from Academy Awards. The first one was 1955' 'Marty.'

During acceptance speech, Bong graciously paid tribute to his fellow nominees and mentioned his fellow 'Directing' nominee Martin Scorsese of whom Bong studied filmmaking by looking to the works.


Netflix' Korean zombie series 'Kingdom' was hot.

Alongwith the surge of 'Netflix' in South Korea, its series surged in popularity as well, especially the zombie series 'Kingdom' whose story takes place in the past South Korean Chosun Dynasty.

The estimated earnings of Netflix has increased by ten times of that two years before. The number of subscribers of Netflix in South Korea in March jumped to 2.72 million and their paid subsciption was 36.2 billion won. It is interpreted that the reason of the conspicuous increase of using Netflix is COVID-19, since people had to spend more time indoors.

The 'Kingdom' series aired its first season in January 2019, and the second season which aired in March 2020, was ranked in '2020 Best International TV Show' TOP 10 by New York Times. The series opened the path of Korean drama series to enter 190 nations worldwide. 

The biography of the series is confirmed to be made and Korean actors Jeon Ji Hyun, Koo Kyo Hwan and Park Byeong Eun are cast. Since it is going to be a supplement of the series, the plot doesn't continue from its second season.


'Hang Out With Yoo' made the 'subcharacter syndrome'

TV program director Kim Tae Ho and TV personality Yoo Jae Seok's collaboration in MBC's vareity program 'Hang Out With Yoo' was valid, as always.

K-pop group made from the program, SSAK3, is composed of three members; Yoo Jae Seok, Rain, and Lee Hyo Ri. The members were given their own subcharacters; Yoo Jae Seok went as Yoo-Dragon, Rain went as Bi-Ryong, and Lee Hyo Ri went as Linda G. 

'Refund Sisters' was another K-pop group made from the show, which used subcharacters, too. Consisted of Jessi, Hwasa(Mamamoo), Uhm Jung Hwa, and Lee Hyo Ri, each of the member worked as Eun Bi(Jessi), Sil Bi(Hwasa), Man Oak(Uhm Jung Hwa), and Cheon Oak(Lee Hyo Ri). The group's debut song 'Don't Touch Me' kicked the roof of Korean music charts.

The phenomenon made other shows to create subcharacters of their cast, as well. Dubbed as the 'subcharacter syndrome,' it is expected to continue and give joy and fun for viewers.


SBS made YouTube channel 'MMTG(문명특급)' shed light on megahit K-pop songs and singers in the past.

As majority of age group 10~49 has moved to watching YouTube instead of television, YouTube became the new platform for broadcast companies.

According to NPR's 2020 survey, 93.7% of internet users responded as using YouTube among video platforms. Among numerous channels on YouTube, MMTG channel was undoubtedly one of those that worth the meteoric rise it achieved in 2020.

The channel is basically about Korean culture; pop, moive, and drama. Its 'Hide & Listen'(숨듣명) contents provided unique contents that shed light on megahit K-pop songs ten years ago and its singers, Helped by the talented PD & MC Jae Jae, the channel couldn't but rise to fame.

K-pop idol groups that were popular in the 2010, such as Empire Boys, U-Kiss, Teen Top, Brown Eyed Girls, SS501, and T-ARA showed up and performed their megahit songs on stage. By looking at idols of the past, watchers in the similar age group could recall their back-to-school memories.

SM Entertainment

Comedian Park Ji Sun left.

The TV personality was found dead alongside her mother at home in Seoul, by the police on November 2. The police suspected she might have taken her own life with her mother.

Park, 35, was reportedly under treatment for skin problem and had been suffering from that.

Park debuted as a comedian in 2007 after passing an audition at broadcaster KBS. She proved to be a major rookie, sweeping an award for new comedians in her first year of debut. She was a versatile comedian who defly emceed K-pop showcases and press calls for television programs.




#1 [2020 Hot Keywords] Bong Jun Ho, Kingdom, MMTG & more 

wrapping up 2020
What happened this year?


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