#2 [2020 Hot Keywords] Trot syndrome, BTS, 'Fake Guy', 'mask-on' Awards & more
#2 [2020 Hot Keywords] Trot syndrome, BTS, 'Fake Guy', 'mask-on' Awards & more
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2020.12.28 20:05
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 [MHN Roh Pooleun] Looking back 2020, what happened this year? (Pt.2)


The year 2020 was the year of trot music. Trot music, which once was a favorite of older generations, has now become favorite of younger age groups as well.

The largest wave of popularity began with trot singer Song Ga-In, who was crowned 'Ms.Trot' in smash hit TV audition show of the same name in 2019. The show aired another hit season earlier 2020, with trot singer Lim Yeong Woong becoming the 'Mr.Trot.'

The 'trot syndrome' went on to make several trot-related tv programs suh as TV Chosun's 'Let's Go Pick Ppong', 'Ppong Soong Ah School' and 'Call Center of Love'. Under the slogan 'reviewing the 100 years of trot history in South Korea' TV Chosun even held the Trot Awads for the first time.

With trot music rapidly broadening its fan base, trot singers quickly rose to stardom. Starting with 'Miss Trot' siners Song Ga In and Hong-ja, 'Mister Trot' singers Lim Young Woong, Young Tak, Lee Chan Won, Jang Min Ho and Jung Dong Won rose to stardom as well. According to South Korean portal site 'Naver', Lim Young Woong was the figure most searched in 2020.


"안녕하세요 ○○○입니다” (Hello, this is ○○○)

Thumnail with the youtuber in neat clothes, dark-faced, apologizes. The 'back advertising controversy' among Korean youtubers shook the Korean society in 2020. Youtubers were not informing watchers that their videos are advertisement.

Popular Youtubers are no different from K-pop stars. They have million subscribers and their  influence is greater than K-pop stars. However, the more they got popular, the more advertisors they met. The 'back advertising controversy' was bad example of how gaining fame and money can result in.

The controversy was an event that showed the two-way characteristics of the new media. Unlike traditional media, in Youtube or instagram 'influcers' are not simply a deliver of contents. They communicate with viewers and influent their lives in various ways. The issue of secret advertisements was a matter of 'morality'; it was deception.


Youtube was surely influential in 2020.

YouTube channel 'Physical Gallery' made content series 'Fake Guy' was watched and loved by numerous people. But it caused problems, too.

Almost as soon as the first episode was uploaded in March, captain Lee Keun and Agent H quickly rose to stardom, producing buzzwords and paradies such as 'Do you have a personality problem?' and 'Personalism.' In particular, not only YouTube but also terrestrial broadcasting have begun producing contents that use keywords such as 'survival', 'military', 'special forces', and 'training.' 

With the success of the series, it aired its second season, but the end was not good. 'Fake Guy' season 2, which was first broadcast on October 1, was constantly pointed out for its physical and mental sadism. The 14 participants, called 'trainees', were called their own numbers without a name, and their expressions were made only through the simplest word 'Aag'. Trainees were forced to train overnight without basic meals, water, and rest. 

The YouTube channel 'Physical Gallery' , which hosts 'Fake Guy', explained, but the noise continued. Netizens reacted that the incluential content, which exceeded 30 million cumulative views in just 10 days, justified violence in the name of training.

YouTube is no longer a substitute of traditional media. Sometimes it shows greater ripple effect and productivity than traditional media. This means the producer of contents must be aware of the influence of their content and feel responsible. 

Mnet (Monsta X giving acceptance speech on '2020 MAMA')

As COVID-19 pandemic continues, the entertainment industry faced difficulties that it had never experienced before. It was not easy to actively promote singers' activities and the music industry in particular had lost opportunities to contact fans through concerts and music festivals.

The second way they found was 'Ontact' (Online+Contact) and 'Untact' (Un+Contact) communication. Large music companies held online concerts through platforms such as Weverse(Big Hit Label) and BCL (SM and JYP Entertainment). BTS' live streaming concert 'Bang Bang Con' set a Guinness World Record for 'The Most Viewed Live Streaming Music Concert'.

There has also been a chnage in the way they meet with their fans. As face-to-face encounter became impossible, idols and fans met through video call. 'Drive Through' fan meeting replaced face-to-face fan meeting and singers met their fans in real time through 'V LIVE' and 'Instagram Live'.

The film industry has also accepted the change. Actors promoted their new film in a new way, and many movies turned their way to OTT platforms such as Netflix instead of movie theaters. 

Big Hit Entertainment

No doubt BTS is stalwart superstar.

By far the most popular group in 2020, boy group BTS has topped the U.S. Billboard's main singles chart 'Hot 100' three times this year with 'Dynamite', 'Savage Love' and 'Life Goes On.'

BTS also made name at the awards ceremony for winning three gold medals at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, and also winning at the three major music awards in North America, Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards. They are the first Korean singer to be nominated for the Grammy Awards in January next year.

BTS's popularity is not just abroad. An example of domestic influence is 'Perfect All-Kill(PAK)' by Dynamite released in 2020. The song achieved PAK by topping all eight domestic music sites, including Melon and Genie, and the integrated music ranking chart 'iChart.' It is the first time that a Korean musician has achieved 'Perfect All Kill' with an English song.

'It's not a coincidence' is part of the lyrics of BTS' song 'DNA.' Surely, they are proving every time that their success it not coincidence.




#2 [2020 Hot Keywords] Trot syndrome, BTS, 'Fake Guy', 'mask-on' Awards & more

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