(G)I-DLE comeback with 4th EP "I burn"
(G)I-DLE comeback with 4th EP "I burn"
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(G)I-DLE's 4th EP "I burn" released January 11th
Source: Cube Entertainment

[MHN Lee Jisook reporter / translated by Jung Halim] Group (G)I-DLE have released their fourth EP "I burn" on January 11th, having their comeback after five months.

"I burn" is about the various emotions one feels after a separation and before they regain their happiness. (G)I-DLE filled their album with self-written tracks, showing off their place in the industry as self-composing artists.

The title track "HWAA" is a moombahton song that expresses the emotions after a the end of a relationship with the concept of "fire". The production that adds the cold chills of winter as well as a splash of Eastern instrumentation allows one to feel the sadness of separation.

Producer Pop Time, who worked with the group leader Soyeon for last year's hit "DUMDi DUMDi" are once again collaborating with the group, predicting another hit for the group. 

(G)I-DLE stated, "We will be releasing our new album "I burn" after 5 months. It will be filled with self-written tracks and will be a great fit for winter, so we hope that our Neverland fans will like the project. We hope that while you listen to the new single "HWAA" you all get the heat of fire during this freezing winter. Please expect much from our performances!"

Creating their place as global artists with their unique music and concepts on each comeback, (G)I-DLE will be setting a fire in the music industry with their 4th EP "I burn".

(G)I-DLE's 4th EP "I burn" was released on January 11th at 6 P.M. KST through various streaming services.





(G)I-DLE comeback with 4th EP "I burn"

(G)I-DLE's 4th EP "I burn" released January 11th

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