Red Velvet' Wendy drops her first solo album today!
Red Velvet' Wendy drops her first solo album today!
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 승인 2021.04.05 11:35
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her solo album 'Like Water' containing five tracks
today from 5 PM KST, watch her from Naver V LIVE and YouTube
SM Entertainment
SM Entertainment

[MHN Roh Pooleun] Red Velvet' Wendy's first solo album 'Like Water' drops today, finally!

The album drops worldwide simultaneously at 6 PM KST today (April 5). 

The title song 'Like Water' is an acoustic pop ballad song and tells the story that destiny is natural like small waterdrops that gather and flow to form the sea.

SM Entertainment
SM Entertainment

The other title song, 'When This Rain Stops', is a slow tempo ballad song that tells the story of Wendy herself, and gives listeners a message of hope and empathy. 

The album carries five tracks including 'Best Friend' (feat. Red Velvet' Seulgi), 'Why Can't You Love Me?', 'The Road', and two title songs. 

Wendy will show up to fans one hour earlier from official release(6PM KST) and stream live talk show named 'WENDY's New Chapter' through Naver V LIVE and Red Velvet's official YouTube channel from 5 PM KST today. 

Don't miss it!



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