BIGBANG' Daesung has been doing YouTuber 'D'splay'!
BIGBANG' Daesung has been doing YouTuber 'D'splay'!
  • Roh Pooleun
  • 2021.04.08 13:20
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YouTube channel 'D'splay'

[MHN Roh Pooleun] BigBang's Daesung is reported to have been acting as YouTube secretly after discharging from army.

D'splay the masked YouTuber, who pretends he is not a singer nor Daesung, has been roleplaying as an unknown YouTuber despite actually being Daesung. The truth has been exposed through a media outlet insisting that YouTuber 'D'splay' is Daesung.

In his videos, Daesung (D'splay) says he is just a YouTuber who is a huge fan of BigBang and Daesung, mocking and amusing newcomers with fans who know the truth. The first videos uploaded on YouTube account 'D'splay' was last year June. Videos uploaded are mostly drum cover of BLACKPINK and WINNER's songs.

During the first few months of his YouTube activities, his subscriber has been less than 100 but after being exposed by a media outlet, his subscribers skyrocketed. Now his channel owns 286,000 subscribers.

D'splay's channel is also famous for vocabulary lessons for English and Japanese through witty skits featuring Lego characters and his voiceovers. He scripts and films the videos on his own unlike most other celebrity YouTube channels. He even learned to request the YouTube silver button on his own and received it.

YouTube silver button unboxing :

BIGBANG - LAST DANCE drum cover :



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