ITZY revealed official tracklist before dropping new album ‘Guess Who’ on April 30.
ITZY revealed official tracklist before dropping new album ‘Guess Who’ on April 30.
  • Jeeyoung Shin
  • 2021.04.12 15:27
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[MHN Jee young Shin reporter] ITZY took fans by surprise revealing their new albums’ official tracklist! 

Source: JYP Entertainment
Source: JYP Entertainment

The tracklist has released on the official SNS channel at midnight on the 12th ahead of the official launching of their brand new mini-album titled ‘GUESS WHO’ on April 30.

According to the tracklist, there are six songs including ‘M.A.F.I.A. In The morning’, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, ‘KIDDING ME’, ‘Wild Wild West, ‘SHOT!’, and ‘TENNIS (0:0)’. In particular, K-pop fans are excited about the various artists who participated in the album works.

‘M.A.F.I.A. In the morning' has composed, lyricized, and arranged in part by  J.Y.Park and an overseas composer LYRE has joined to give off some synergy. Other leading artists such as KASS, Danke, Earattack, and Lee Hae-sol, who collaborated with famous K-pop artists such as TWICE, BTS, IU, have also worked on ITZY’s upcoming album.

The second track ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is composed and arranged by JQ and Shim Eun-Ji who previously worked with Tae-yeon, Red Velvet, and NCT 127, while the third track "KIDDING ME" is written and arranged by Kobee, who worked on ‘Not Shy’. The fifth track, "SHOT!" was also completed with a group of global artists that worked with Ava Max, Charlie XCX`, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, and Zara Larsson.

ITZY’s brand new mini-album ‘GUESS WHO’ is set for release on April 30 at 1 PM KST.


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