tvN's 'Hospital Playlist' season 2 confirms airing date, coming this summer!
tvN's 'Hospital Playlist' season 2 confirms airing date, coming this summer!
  • Jeeyoung Shin
  • 2021.04.15 14:30
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[MHN Jeeyoung Shin reporter] tvN has officially confirmed the airing date of 'Hospital Playlist' season 2 later this summer on June 17.

Source: tvN
Source: tvN

The first season was aired back in March of 2020 and acquired massive success.

'Hospital Playlist' is a medical K-drama that revolves around a group of five doctors who share the same passion for music and have been friends for over 20 years. Created by Lee Woo-Jung and Shin Won-ho, the heartwarming story of the friendship and the lives of people who come and go each day at a hospital has touched the hearts of millions of fans. In South Korea alone, the season finale was seen by 3.5 million viewers. 

Original cast members of Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yun Suk, Jun Kyung Ho, Jeon Mi-do, and Kim Dae Myung are the main lead of the drama as they are the essence of the drama. The other important supportive cast of the drama is Shin Hyung bin as Jang gyeo Wool, Ahn Eun Jin as Chu Min Ha, Kim Jun as Lee Woo Ju, and Kim Hye In as Myung Eun Won. The list is not revealed yet but the main and main supporting members are all remaining in the second season as well.  

Source: tvN
Source: tvN
Source: tvN
Source: tvN

Moreover to the announcement of the premiere date of season 2, 'Hospital Playlist' has also shared some still images from the cast and crew's first script reading session, which took place back in January of this year. The cast members seemed to share a better chemistry than they did during the first season, according to those who were present during the session. 

Tune in for the big premiere of 'Hospital Playlist 2', coming this June!


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