Actress Kang So Ra welcomes the birth of a baby girl
Actress Kang So Ra welcomes the birth of a baby girl
  • Jeeyoung Shin
  • 2021.04.16 11:19
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[MHN Jeeyoung Shin reporter] Actress Kang So Ra has given birth to her first child according to media outlet reports on April 15. 

Source: Plum A&C
Source: Plum A&C

Plum Entertainment as a representative of her agency has announced that the actress gave birth to a healthy baby girl at a hospital in Seoul, sometime in the morning on April 12. Both the mother and baby are healthy and relaxing while celebrating the special moment with close family.

Meanwhile, Kang So Ra married a non-celebrity Korean medicine practitioner back in August of 2020 and her pregnancy was made public in November 2020. Under the COVID 19 pandemic, the couple chose not to hold a wedding ceremony.

The actress debuted in 2009 through the film ‘4th Period Mystery’ and gained much attention in the 2011 film ‘Sunny’ through her role as young Chun-Hwa. Since then she has featured in various drama series such as ‘Dream High 2’, ‘Ugly Alert’, ‘Doctor Stranger’, and ‘Misaeng’.

Congratulations to Kang So Ra on her birth of a beautiful child!


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